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12V 24V Car Electric Heater Defroster (CH05)


Heater Description

Color: white
Material: Metal
Surface Treatment: Porcelain
Power: 500w-1000 W
Control Method: Manual Adjustment
Type: Heater
Use time: keep the power can be used for a long time
Air Outlet: 3 places
Switch button: 1 place
Single outlet temperature up to: 60-90℃
Outlet diameter: about 3.5cm
Product size: about 28cm * 12cm * 10cm
Packaging size: about 32cm * 20cm * 12cm
Overall weight: about 1.38kg

Product Advantages

1.Car heater is made of high quality plastic and high strength metal, easy to use and durable.

2. Small size, large heat, low noise, fast heat; single outlet temperature can reach 60-90° C.

3. Energy-saving, environmental protection, power saving, as long as there is electricity, it can be used for a long time without affecting the ignition.

4. Easy to install and connect, simple to use, can be fixed on the workbench with self-tapping screws, can also be fixed on the side of the hidden place.

5.Enjoy the warmth in the cold winter. Widely used to increase the temperature inside the car, warm hands and feet, defrosting and defogging the car windshield. Suitable for coastal mountainous areas with large temperature difference and easy to fog and frost in fall and winter.

Precautions for use

It is strictly prohibited to open the internal circuit and privately modify the circuit, and it is prohibited to block the air inlet and outlet. Please connect it firmly when installing, so as to avoid fire caused by broken wire and short circuit in poor road conditions.

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