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Immersion Heater IM-H04


temperature control automatic power-off new type portable instant immersion water heater


Voltage: 220V 50HZ

Power: 1800W to 2500W

80 degrees automatic power-off temperature control

Use and precautions of immersion water heater

1. Boiling stick must be immersed in water (including plastic head, part of the wire can also be soaked into the water) can not lack of water, less water dry burning!
2. Boil water stick for ceramic bathtubs, plastic buckets plastic washbasin, wooden barrels, plastic swimming pools and other containers, prohibited metal barrels, insulation cups, kettles (in addition to the kettle special models).
3. This product has been rigorously tested before leaving the factory, but in order to ensure safety, in the use of the process of the human body must not touch the container, can not use water to test the temperature of the water, there must be a person to look after it). It is strictly prohibited in the heating process directly wash your face, hands or bath.
4. With the use of high-power socket (the maximum power of household sockets generally 2500-3000W).
5. The key is to boil water when you can not put your hand into the water, which is clearly prohibited by the instructions, in some cases may be electrocuted, and this can not be used in a metal container.



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