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Immersion Heater IM-H08


Industrial 3000w immersion heater with temperature control immersion water heater for water and oil tank


Specification of immersion heater IM-H08

Tube DiaTube LengthThread DiaVoltage/PowerTube MaterialThread Material
10mm210mm1 1/2”230V/380V/3KWSUS 304SUS 304
10mm250mm1 1/2”230V/380V/4.5KWSUS 304SUS 304
10mm250mm1 1/2”230V/380V/6KWSUS 304SUS 304
10mm300mm1 1/2”230V/380V/9KWSUS 304SUS 304
10mm350mm1 1/2”230V/380V/12KWSUS 304SUS 304
12mm210mm2”230V/380V/3KWSUS 304SUS 304
12mm250mm2”230V/380V/4.5KWSUS 304SUS 304
12mm250mm2”230V/380V/6KWSUS 304SUS 304
12mm300mm2”230V/380V/9KWSUS 304SUS 304
12mm350mm2”230V/380V/12KWSUS 304SUS 304
12mm500mm2”230V/380V/15KWSUS 304SUS 304
12mm600mm2”230V/380V/18KWSUS 304SUS 304
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