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PTC Heating Element
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PTC Heating Element


Use and Characteristics:

1. PTC thermal ceramic heating element has a constant temperature, temperature control, self-control of the temperature of the special features. When the PTC element to apply AC or DC voltage, in the Curie point temperature below, the resistivity is very low, warming speed is very fast, when once beyond the Curie point temperature, the resistivity suddenly increased, so that the current drops to a stable value, to achieve automatic temperature control, constant temperature purpose, without adding another temperature control line device, and can be adjusted according to the requirements of different temperatures through the formula of the Curie temperature of the PTC element.

2. Non-combustion, safe and reliable

PTC components do not heat red, no open flame (resistance wire red and open flame), not easy to burn, PTC components around the temperature beyond the limit, the power automatically fall to the equilibrium value, there is no danger of combustion.

3. Long life

PTC element itself for the oxide ceramic, no nichrome wire of high-temperature oxidation disadvantages, but also no glass quartz tube and other fragile phenomena, long life.

4. Wide range of voltage

PTC components in the low-voltage (3-36 volts) and high-voltage (110-380 volts) can be used normally. Low-voltage PTC elements are suitable for all kinds of low-voltage heaters, low-temperature compensation for instruments, and all kinds of heaters for automobiles. High-voltage PTC components are suitable for heating the following electrical equipment: shoe dryer, hot melt glue gun, rice cooker, electric boots, electric mosquito repellent, steam hairbrush, steam generator, humidifier, curling irons, vending machines, air curtain machine, hand warmers, tea dryers, beauty containers, bottle thermostats and so on.


  1. PTC heater has the feature of automatic constant temperature, no need for temperature control system, the PTC heater can be directly energized.
  2. When a PTC heater is used to heat liquid (such as water), the PTC heater will not be damaged after the liquid dries up.
  3. If the PTC heater is used to heat the cold air, the PTC heater will not be damaged when the air is not supplied.
  4. There are four kinds of electrodes for customers to choose from: chemical nickel plating + silver melt blown metal aluminum, printed aluminum + silver, printed aluminum.
  5. Long service life, used in normal environment, the service life can reach more than 10 years.
  6. Reliable working, using the internal characteristics of PTC heating pad to control temperature, never over temperature.
  7. Very wide working voltage. When the working voltage changes 2 times, the surface temperature change is very small.
  8. This variety of products does not lead to wire and insulation, customers can also choose products with wires and insulation, or products with shell.
  9. When more than one PTC heating element is used together, they should be connected in parallel, not in series.
  10. Different heat dissipation conditions make the heating power of PTC heating pads vary greatly.

Structure Diagram

PTC Heating Element
PTC Heating Element
PTC Heating Element


Model No.Length×Width(mm)Model No.Length×Width(mm)Model No.Length×Width(mm)
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