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Fluid PTC Liquid Heater


Fluid Type Details


Application Design

This is a kind of fluid type liquid heater (also called footbath with tubular PTC heater), is our company for the footbath products launched another product, mainly used to circulate the heating of high-grade footbath products above, with the use of easy to install, long service life, not easy to damage, and other traditional heating materials (such as: quartz glass tubes) cannot be compared with the advantages. In addition, the external dimensions can be customized according to the customer's actual installation size, the power range between 400-1500W can be adjusted, the use of voltage range 120-240V, product quality in the peer in the leading level.


Technical Parameters

Working voltage: 6-240V

Insulation withstands voltage: >3750V, through special insulation treatment, safe and reliable.

Surface temperature: 80-290℃

Rated power: 20-2000W

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