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PTC air heater for fan heater/Yuba


Electrically charged corrugated PTC heater series

Banded corrugated PTC heater is a class of high-power blowing PTC heater, in the ordinary PTC element on both sides of the stick on the corrugated heat sink, corrugated holes can be used for hot air through. With a large amount of heat, stable power, easy to use, long life, high reliability, no open flame and a series of advantages. It has been widely used in heaters, air conditioners, sterilizer, dryers, drying boxes and other household heating equipment.


PTC air heater adopts PTCR thermal ceramic element, which is composed of a number of monolithic combinations and corrugated heat dissipation aluminum strips bonded by high temperature adhesive, and has the significant advantages of small thermal resistance and high heat transfer efficiency. Its most important feature lies in its security, that is, in case of fan failure blocking, PTC heater because of insufficient heat dissipation, the power will automatically drop dramatically, at this time, the surface temperature of the heater to maintain a limit in the Curie temperature or so (generally 220 ℃), so as not to produce the heater surface of electric heaters, “red” phenomenon, to rule out the potential danger of accidents. The hidden danger of accidents.

Precautions for use

1.The power of PTC air heater is greatly affected by the external environment; the ideal test method is to be installed in the whole machine under standard working conditions. Usually, in order to facilitate the inspection and confirmation of both sides, the actual operation is to adjust the relevant parameters of the simulated air ducts with the sealed samples confirmed in the whole machine and then tested. Test the ambient temperature is generally maintained at about 25 ± 2 ℃.

2. PTC air heater in the work of thermal expansion phenomenon, so in the structural design should be considered around the heater to leave a certain gap (more than 5mm);

3. The design should also consider anti-electrocution measures and evaporator frost safety spacing, to ensure that there is no human body, metal objects and the possibility of touching the frost layer. Selection of surface insulation type heater is safer;

4. The heater is installed to connect the three-phase power supply, should be Y-type connection, and the neutral point must be connected to the zero line, to avoid the three-phase imbalance caused by the heater end of the road too high a voltage fault hidden danger!


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