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Embracing Warmth: Unveiling the Application of PTC Heating Element in PTC Heaters

The working principle and characteristics of PTC heating element

Before formally discussing the application of PTC heating elements in PTC heaters, let's first briefly introduce the working principle of PTC heating elements and their characteristics. PTC, the abbreviation of Positive Temperature Coefficient (Positive Temperature Coefficient), refers to its resistance value rises with the increase of temperature. This feature makes the PTC heating element in the heater have a unique advantage.

The working principle of PTC heating element: when the temperature of the PTC heating element rises, its resistance value rises sharply, which leads to a reduction in the current, and the reduced current reduces the power of the element, so that the temperature tends to stabilize. This feature can effectively avoid the overheating phenomenon, improving the safety of the heater.

Features of PTC heating element:


Strong self-control: as the temperature rises, the resistance value increases and the power decreases, automatically controlling the temperature within the safe range. According to market research data, PTC heaters have a satisfaction rate of more than 85% among consumers due to their self-control characteristics.

High efficiency and energy saving: PTC heating element has the characteristics of rapid warming, without preheating time, energy saving effect is remarkable. Research data shows that compared with traditional resistance wire heaters, the energy efficiency of PTC heaters has increased by more than 30%.

Safe and reliable: Due to the self-control characteristics, PTC heaters are not easy to overheat during long-time use, avoiding the risk of fire. Survey data shows that PTC heaters are recognized by 87% in the market for their safety.

Environmental protection: PTC heating element does not need to add other chemical components, will not produce harmful gases, in line with environmental requirements. Increased awareness of environmental protection has led to a rapid rise in the popularity of PTC heaters in the market, and the market share continues to expand.

Wide application of PTC heating element in PTC heater

As a new type of heating equipment, PTC heaters are widely used in home, office, industry, etc. PTC heating elements, as the core components, provide key support for the efficient heating of PTC heaters.

Home heating field
PTC heater has become an ideal choice for home heating because of its high efficiency and energy saving, safety and environmental protection. In home heating equipment, PTC heating elements can be applied to electric heaters, warming fans, etc. to quickly raise the indoor temperature to a comfortable range. According to the survey, home users' satisfaction with PTC heaters is as high as 92%.

Office Applications
Offices often face uneven temperatures, poor heating effect, etc. PTC heaters equipped with PTC heating elements can be used in desks, conference rooms and other places to provide balanced, comfortable heating effect, and improve the work efficiency of employees. Survey data shows that nearly 70% of offices choose PTC heaters as the main heating equipment.

Industrial use
In some special industrial areas, the application of PTC heaters is also particularly important. For example, in the electronic equipment frost, temperature and humidity control, the efficiency and safety of PTC heaters will be fully reflected. According to market research data, the demand for PTC heaters in the industrial field is expected to grow by more than 15%.


As one of the leading products in the heating industry in the future, the core component of the PTC heater, the PTC heating element, plays a vital role in it. Through powerful self-control characteristics and energy efficient advantages, PTC heating elements bring unique charm to PTC heaters. Market data also fully proves the broad prospects of PTC heaters in the future market. It is believed that with further technological innovation and market expansion, PTC heaters will play a more important role in the field of energy saving and environmental protection, bringing more warmth and comfort to people's lives.

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